What is pole walking?

Pole walking is a rhythmically, energizing form of walking that includes using a specifically designed pair of walking poles that helps you incorporate your entire body rather than just your lower body.

What are the benefits?

Easier on joints. We use less than 50% of our major muscles when we walk without walking poles and when we use walking poles, we use 90%.

Improves posture. Using poles while walking naturally aligns our spine and strengthens our core with each step to help us stand and sit taller.

More efficient workout. We increase our cardio by 20% and our calorie burn by up to 48%! And 30 minutes of pole walking is equal to 50 minutes of regular walking.

“Puzzle Mania” Celebration

Many have participated in the 39 day journey of the 5,000 piece puzzle. Thank you to everyone who worked vigorously on the puzzle, putting in hours upon hours, and to those who stopped by to see the progress and chat. Putting together a 5,000 piece puzzle over a period of 39 days is quite an accomplishment that calls for celebration. Everyone is welcome for refreshments and to view the puzzle on February 24th from 2 p.m.– 4 p.m in the Curry Room (1st floor Heritage House). If you have not seen this masterpiece be sure to stop by to see it!

2015 Valentine King and Queen Crowned

Congratulations to Chuck and Ingrid Alloway on becoming the 2015 Wesley Commons Valentine King and Queen. The crowning was held in the Silver Leaf where friends gathered for refreshments and socialization as they anticipated the crowning. There were 23 nominations for the 2015 King and Queen, which goes to show that Wesley Commons is filled with many loving people and couples who express their love for each other, their friends and community. Ingrid and Chuck were described by their peers to be devoted, friendly, special, romantic and are known to have “the perfect love story.”