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They say they’re not “ready”, but I see signs that they are.

Often, you’re in the best position to know when your parents are ready to make the move to a senior living community. You see the signs. Maybe Mom is feeling lonely, or Dad has become more forgetful. Meals are more of a problem. Home maintenance is becoming too much of a burden. Worry about safety increases.

There are many signs, and they usually become more pronounced over time. Eventually, single, isolated problems are multiplied, making living conditions more complex and worrisome.

What’s the best solution?

Often, it’s a direct, heart-to-heart talk with a parent to point out your concerns and discuss possible solutions openly. As with everything else you do, this is a conversation grounded in love and sensitivity and a genuine concern for your parent’s well-being. Ignoring the problems doesn’t help. In fact, over time it only makes things worse.

You should know that this is a common scenario, one that every child with an aging parent faces at one time or another. You’re not alone, and the caring staff at Wesley Commons will be happy to help you work through the considerations that inevitably come with the signs of aging.